Cultural and religious reasons have given birth to the modest movement.  The concept of modest fashion came about through the need of religious women for more fashionable clothing options.  Not being satisfied by the stereotypes used in the market for years, stylish religious women began to seek different types of garments and accessories.

And… modest fashion has risen…

Fashion is now universal.  It has become eclectic, collecting many cultural motifs, colors, inspirations and forms in a single product. Therefore fashion, especially modest fashion, is now so revolutionary. 

L’nour is a transitional style that aims to be reflected in different areas of fashion. It does not carry a unique style. It combines different styles in its portfolio. Some of the lines are colorful, whereas some are monochrome.  It does not reflect a single manner but it unites different peoples’ modes in different categories. It makes up its own manner, behavior and life style.

Many pieces such as shirts, skirts, blouses, trousers, caftans  and dresses are combined with accessories, bags, clutches, scarfs, wraps and special jewelry. Every single piece reflects the faithful and contemporary woman.