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L’nour Prayers’ Choice

L’nour is a brand focusing on redefining the traditional motifs in history and transforming them into contemporary fashion perceptions.

Being an Istanbul-based brand, the initial historical motifs we use are from Ottoman and Turkish historical arts. Our aim is to widen up the traditional touches on contemporary garments and go beyond Ottoman culture, integrating us with European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African historical motifs, designs and decorations.

Fashion is a manner, a behaviour, a life style. L’nour is a transitional style that aims to be reflected in different areas. Many pieces such as shirts, skirts, blouses, trousers, kaftans and dresses are combined with accessories, bags, clutches, scarfs, wraps and special jewellery as interpreted by the designer Aysegul Yener.

Devotion, sophistication, aesthetics and uniqueness are seen in all L’nour pieces. Vivid colors, different ornament applications in harmony with pastel colors, with all its tranquility and purity used on natural fabrics, in addition to synthetic combinations… all those can be seen in L’nour collections.